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The Seminole Nation of Oklahoma
- Location

The Seminole Nation Tribal Jurisdiction Area is located in south-central Oklahoma, approximately 45 miles east of Oklahoma City. The Seminole Nation Tribal Complex is located in the town of Wewoka, Oklahoma. Wewoka lies at the junction of U.S. 270 and Oklahoma Highway 56 approximately 30 miles southeast of the town of Shawnee. Wewoka is also the site of several Seminole Nation programs and services. The Mekusukey Mission (which includes tribal offices, recreational areas, industrial and commercial areas, and a cultural area) is located 2 miles south and 2 miles west of the city of Seminole. The Seminole were removed to Indian Territory following the Treaty of Payne's Landing in 1832. They were eventually granted a reservation, but after subsequent land cessations, these lands were allotted following the Seminole Agreement of 1909. Today, the tribe owns 372 acres of federal trust land and approximately 53 acres of fee simple land. An additional 35,443 allotted acres supplement the tribal land base.
With a future of limitless potential and a determined 21st Century narrative, the people of the Seminole Nation hold a steadfast tenacity in building up families, cultural preservation, safe communities, municipal relationships, educational opportunities, while ensuring strong economic growth and standard of living.

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Tribal Members Who Need to Contact the Tribal Enrollment Office - 405.257.7241 or 405.257.7200, "Tribal Enrollment" prompt"

AS OF 7 MAY, 2021:

Adams, Bobby Ray
Brooks, Tailor Rian
Brown, Michael Shane
Burleson, Destinie Danielle
Burleson, Makenzie Rose
Crawford, David Ty
Faulks, Jonathan Blaine
Harjo, Christopher
Harjo, Sheridan Kay
Johnson, Tosha Lyn
McGann, Matthew Connor
Shane, Steven Micah
Sweeney, Jody
Walters, Tony Ray
Warden, Michael
Whitehawk, Rocky Silas