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Seminole Nation
Business Corporate
Regulatory Commission

Business & Corporate Regulatory Commission

The Seminole Nation Business and Corporate Regulatory Commission is a Tribal Agency established under Title 3-A of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Code of Laws to license, regulate business activities and enforce Tribal Tax Law. The Commission is further empowered to engage in formulating, promulgating and amending appropriate rules and regulations, conducting appellate hearings, providing uniform methods of adding fees to the selling price, and performing any other powers necessary to enforce the code of law.


The Seminole Indian Country Land Research Project monitors and collects land title documentation, oil and gas production, and church and cemetery data. Provides mapping assistance and consulting services to departments within the tribe and individual tribal members.

BCR Staff

Executive Director - Sharon Scott
Executive Assistant - Morgan Ahhaitty
Vehicle Registration Officer - Ashley Harrison

Registration Clerk - Ramona Gipson
Land Research Program - Danielle Atkinson
Research Data Analyst - Vacant
Research Data Analyst - Vacant


Susie Harjo
Dan Factor
Stephaney Lambert
Willis Deatherage

Mekuskukey Mission
Post Office Box 1768
Seminole, OK 74818-1768
Phone: 405-382-8617
Fax: 405-382-8611