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An image displaying a plaque of the Seminole Trail of Tears, an old map and descriptive sheet about the Seminole Beginnings

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Circle logo of a painting. There is a person with a hat on rowing a boat in water near a town. 
Circle logo of a painting. There is a person with a hat on rowing a boat in water near a town.


To the Members of the Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma:

Members of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma it is with much gratitude in my heart to be elected the Chief of the Seminole Nation for we all share the culture,heritage and history of a strong people who have reflected over the centuries much resilience and resolve.
I personally appreciate your overwhelming support not only in this years election but the support consistently shown for many years.

I am grateful to be a combination of the past era and the developing modern times with the knowledge, experience and to some extent the imparted wisdom of the elders. Together we will experience restoration, reconciliation, resolve and bring back respect to the Great Seminole Nation of Oklahoma in serving our tribal members to the best of our abilities with the blessings of the Creator, because he truly is worthy of all honor and praise. I invite everyone out to the swearing in ceremony of both the Chief, Assistant Chief as well as all elected General Council Representatives on Saturday September 4th at the Mekusukey Mission at 10:00 AM.

"It is of an expedient concern that I advise the current leadership to use their constitutional authority to call a Special Called General Council meeting as soon as possible to address several issues one of great importance is the American Rescue Act Funds for this is a matter of serious concern to our members and many current General Council Representatives a meeting is necessary for the Council to consider and hopefully affirm a distribution of a Covid Financial Impact Assistance package for all members "The Need Is Now" also a budget for Seminole Nation Days needs to be addressed and approved by the General Council so that planning and preparation can continue for a Safe Special Celebration."

"The people have Spoken"

Assistant Chief and Chief Elect
LewIs J. Johnson